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The Best Unique Free Stock Photos Websites

Guest Blogger Giulia Guerrero gives us her best and most unique free stock photos websites… you’ll want to save this post trust me I keep coming back to it. Let me know what you think. ~Joli A. Campbell

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How to Find the Right Designer for You

A difficult process, at best, unless your best friend happens to be a designer, and even then things can be tricky. The question comes up frequently, “how do I find the right designer for my project?”

As a freelance designer, I would tell you to look into these key things

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The Women in Me: Sewing

I often think of how I became who I became via The Women in Me: How I learned what I have learned in this life. I owe much of it to the women who I watched, learned from, and admired. This will be the first post of hopefully a few in a series as I share my thoughts doing the things that the Women in Me have taught me.

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