About Me

A little bit about me:

About Joli CampbellI survived and more importantly thrived in a life filled with extraordinary circumstances and life events. My story is about overcoming and moving into my own. Knowing I could use my experience as I healed my own life, to help others I became a certified master life coach in 2009. I now use that coaching when helping you deliver your message to the world through your website or product.

My focus is on helping women in small business have the best looking and most beautiful space for themselves online, whether that is your website, your social media, or your brand, I want you to feel proud of your business and the way it looks to the world.

Because I am an artist, photographer, and writer, I think creatively for solutions and see things, often times, from both angles giving you an opportunity to see things that way as well.

About 15 years ago, after our web designer left for health reasons I took over management for the family business website.  Since then I have managed several sites including eCommerce sites.  This led me to logo design, label design, and company information and content writing.  I believe you deserve the best possible product, and I work diligently to deliver on that.  I do my best to infuse your ‘why’ and your mission into your brand.


I am a Certified Master Life Coach through the Certified Coaches Alliance.Certified Coaches Member

I have also been a military wife for the last 15 years, giving me home management skills, home office management, and bookkeeping and budget skills.


  • 40 years of overcoming life experience and traumas
  • 20 years natural health apprenticeship
  • 16 years military spouse
  • 15 years basic website development and management
  • 10 years home office management
  • 7 years Facebook, pages, groups management
  • 7 years certified master life coach
  • 10 years blogging
  • e book/kindle publication
  • 3 years entrepreneurial endeavor (product)
    • branding
    • product development
    • labeling
    • FDA research and requirements
    • product video/slideshows