A word many people throw around, a word that many people say but do they truly understand what it means?

Authentic, by Oxford’s definition means, of undisputed origin, genuine, reliable, and trustworthy.  What does that mean as far as you being authentic? It means being real. It means being you, and if you have not discovered who you are yet, it means being what you are in your current state.  In marketing a product or service, authenticity becomes very important; we all know we will not buy an organic beauty product from Joan Rivers, she is no longer outwardly her original self—she has been altered.  However, Joan sells comedy so she is doing a fine job of that.

My point here in mingling these two subjects is that you are a product; you are a service, at least, as far as authenticity is concerned.   As human beings, we are constantly selling our self to the world. On Facebook we post our thoughts, our pictures, and our videos. We sell our looks, our minds, our sense of humor, our taste in music…it is the way everyone gets to know us. The world looks at our new Facebook timeline and says, “Who is this person?”  “Can I trust them?  Did I really want to see that picture of them? Is that a true representation of them?  Would I hire them? Should I fire them? Do I really want to be their friend? Do I want to buy the new product they developed? Do I want to use their new service? And do I want them in my life every day?”  These questions all come up like lightening, they flash through our minds as we surf someone’s social profile.  That is all just online.  What about in person?

What do we have to go on when we watch someone enter a room or speak on stage? What are they wearing, how are they talking, how are they moving, do they have too much going on, or not enough?  Are they speaking clearly, are they staying focused or are they all over the place, are they mellow or high energy, are they doing all the talking, are they listening, or are they just doing without being?  All of those questions also race through our minds, whether we know it, want it, or not.  We have answers and feelings in response to these questions.

Obviously, no one wants to be at the receiving end of a judgmental answer to any one of these questions, but the truth of the matter is the mind is processing and labeling information constantly.  It does it every day all day long about everything.  This is normal.  What then becomes the problem when we are selling a product or ourselves? Authenticity! The mind wants to process and label and store the information that will bring it back to this incoming set of information again—in a positive way.  If the mind attaches anything negative to the incoming set of information when it comes back to it later, the first thing it will do is say, “NO!”

So how do we avoid this “NO!”  Become real in everything you do.  Think through who your audience is, and process whom you will present yourself as.  In true optimal communication, everything about you including the information you give out verbally is going to meet the needs of the most intelligent person in the room, and simultaneously, what you have to offer will not go over anyone’s head.  We have all been there with the doctor that speaks medical jargon and expects you to understand without a medical degree or having to explain something to someone who is doing something for the first time.

This comes full circle to my previous post on manifestation: what you put out you get back.  If you put out unfocused scattered information then that is exactly what the universe will hand back to you.  The power of intention is not just about attracting money or the right job or the right person, it is about everything, every situation, every person, every success, and every failure you draw into and create in your life.  So the first step: What is your message?  What do you authentically want to present to the world?  How are you making it work and how will you make it work better?  How do you want the world to see you? Are you wearing it, living it, exuding it, and behaving it?  Are the people you associate with supportive or not? Are the people in your life part of your past, present, or your future?  Finally, are you communicating it at an optimal level?

~Joli A. Campbell

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