How to Find the Right Designer for You

A difficult process, at best, unless your best friend happens to be a designer, and even then things can be tricky. The question comes up frequently, “how do I find the right designer for my project?” As a freelance designer, I would tell you to look into these key things Read More

R. Riveter: Womenpreneurs with a Mission of Empowerment

That brings me back to R. Riveter, their model for business and the premise is GENIUS! They solve several issues for a military spouse. They allow you to use a skill set to make a certain part of the bag; if you can sew you can do that part, if you can put the fixtures together you can do that part, and etc. Read More

Chief Cook & Bottle Washer

You’ve quit your 9-5 job, you are working from home, or that was the plan until you realized you were the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer. This means you become the only one in charge of everything, the solo-proprietor of everything around you, your kids, your house, your work are mashed all up into this glorious mess. Read More

Goodbye Passion Hello Curiosity

I have a quest for knowledge and I am attracted to all things beautiful either my own creation or someone else'Curiositys creation or the Universe's creations…truly I am not prejudice. I have never been able to wrap my mind around being singularly focused with all my might on one thing… NEVER! Read More

Enlightenment Stumbling on The Road

I suppose on the precipice of a major life change it makes one stop, take a moment, and pause. I have practiced; sometimes quiet poorly, but mostly successfully, Eckhart Tolle’s principles of enlightenment for the last decade. He puts it, simply Read More

Taking My First Photograph

With all the confidence of an 11-year-old I snapped the picture; it was of Sierra Blanca in Ruidoso, New Mexico at sunset. I still have the picture! It is the first scenic picture I ever took…fortunately it was not my last. Read More

Right Here, Right NOW!

It didn't happen overnight, it took many tools, and rituals, and mantras, and dedication to choosing a path where LIFE was more important than these damned unreasonable fears. Read More

Living My Truth

People have their passions, people have what they are drawn to and what they fight for--that is their truth. I discovered--that wasn't part of my truth. I also discovered it was okay for me to not like it and for me to stand back shaking my head. Read More

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