Ego and the Addictive MindThe Addictive Mind and It’s Friend the Ego

While many people do not realize it…the addictive mind has you addicted to something. I think that it would be great to really stop and investigate what in your life is stopping you, is it a ritual, is it obsessive thinking, is it living in the past or thinking always in a past tense, is it chocolate or coffee or cookies, is it alcohol, or is it your God?

The only way to know is to identify a ritualistic thing you do and try to let it go…see what the challenge becomes. Can you let it go? Can you live without it?

A few years ago I found out that I was addicted to mind chatter, I was constantly in my head talking to myself…this only became a problem when the voice in my head wouldn’t listen or shut up…thus causing severe anxiety and insomnia.

The one thing I realized was that all I needed to do was SHUT-UP; easier said than done. The ego liked having control over my mind so getting it into the background again instead of the foreground of my mind became an obsession all in of itself. It was Tolle’s “The Power of Now” that did it for me.

I started practicing conscious breathing, as this is the first and easiest way to get into the NOW. The effects were immediate; oxygen to the brain is an amazing thing.

So what are you addicted too and can you stop yourself?

How much do you do as an excuse to avoid living?

by Joli A. Campbell, C.L.C.

Joli Campbell Design Disclaimer

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