For the month January, a friend and I promised to post one good deed a day as our status in Facebook.  From the start, we knew it would not be the easiest task, yet we are both good people who do the right thing.  The interesting thing is how the Universe jumped on board to give us the opportunities to do the right thing.good deeds

On the Fifth of January, my friend threw her loaded shopping cart in front of an on-coming mini-van, scooped up a three-year-old boy, and saved his life.  On the 24th my husband and I stopped to help a woman who was a double amputee, she had crashed her wheelchair into the curb, and fallen face first out of her chair.  These were the grandest of our deeds, but we stuck with it for 31 days.  What we found out was that we were very willing to do our good deeds, we were aware, and the Universe handed us opportunities.

Some days, it was the ordinary every day things, like loads and loads of laundry for our families. Other days, we did little things just for ourselves, where we normally would not have taken care of ourselves, like a pedicure in the middle of winter.  On some days, we did several good deeds.

The question is when the opportunity arises to be kind and pay it forward: DO YOU?  Sure, we all pick up the penny for good luck, but do we hold the door for the next person, or take a little extra time to show someone we care just because we want to do the right thing.  What I took away from it was doing the right thing, doing good deeds, and being present in that way is something we should all strive to do every day.  This proves that we respect our world and the other people in it.

~Joli A. Campbell

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