Realizing I need to say Goodbye Passion and Hello Curiosity!

I just finished watching Elizabeth Gilbert’s speech on “The Flight of The Hummingbird”

My response: So much F*ck Yes to this.

Seriously and here is why, for me, curiosity is so on point.

I’ve said it in coaching, “follow your passion” hoping it was the mark THEY needed me to hit. I myself have fucking struggled with this passion fetish, and when I say struggled I have sat in my living room floor bawling over “what the hell am I supposed to be when I grow up.” I mean hit my knees pleading with the Universe for an answer kind of moments.

I have a quest for knowledge and I am attracted to all things beautiful either my own creation or someone else’Curiositys creation or the Universe’s creations…truly I am not prejudice. I have never been able to wrap my mind around being singularly focused with all my might on one thing… NEVER!

I have recently been reworking some things on my website and when I first began coaching I was hammered into not using the niche, I wanted to use, as being a CHOICES COACH was ‘too vague’. For me, what I was after with that niche was this, life is about choices and how are you choosing? Are you choosing wisely so you can attain your goals or does life get in the way at every turn? Do you need help making the choice that gets you where you want to go? Because beyond any of my beliefs I hold true to, life is a choice every single moment of your existence has a choice in it, even when you think there is none there is one. Giving up is a choice. Turning around is a choice. You get the idea and that is not the point; the point is that I myself chose to follow what people are willing to pay me for, if they want my photography…great! If they want my paintings…great! If they want my research…great! If they want my counsel…great! If they want my knitting…great! If they want a simple website…great! If you want me to write for you…great!

The problem with this in the entrepreneurial world is I cannot sell myself to the public with all these random things. I especially cannot get SEO ratings with a hundred niches. So on my website I explain my offerings as my being Jane-of-all-trades the problem in the back of my mind all along is the rest of that quote is “master of none.” Which isn’t exactly true, I have mastered some things in my life, I have also learned enough to call it good enough for me and my curiosity. I also will never be a master of some of my interests.

This fall, I was commissioned some knitting projects and I whipped them out. I, like any human being, appreciate being paid for something I love doing. In addition, it contributed to our household during a very rough year, financially. Might not have been a lot but it was a sum. Anyway, while I was doing these mermaid tails, I remembered someone once saying to me, “you are truly a Renaissance woman.” I looked this up recently as I was curious to know the exact definition: American Heritage defines it as “A woman who has broad intellectual interests and is accomplished in areas of both the arts and the sciences.” Oh my, talk about resonance. There I am, 100%. Art and science are always on my radar and always have been. Just take a look at my book shelves. So today, Jane-of-all-trades comes off my website.

All this is to say, thank you Elizabeth Gilbert for this speech. Allowing myself to follow my curiosity instead of a passion I have NEVER had is so much easier. My curiosity is a stack of random quandaries, some about organic living, some about being green, some about coaching and helping people live better lives, some about making art, photography, writing, and poetry, some about studying the human physical condition and finding natural cures or finding out when we need Western medicine’s intervention. Some people might think I get obsessed but the truth is only until I find what I am looking for.

Passion has its place, but it is hot, and it is all consuming. I am okay now I don’t need a passion…thank you very much…all I need is curiosity and I have plenty of that.  Hello Curiosity!



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