Living My TruthThis year has been my year of living my truth, for myself and asking it of those around me.

To the tune that some people have been uncomfortable (or whatever unknown behavior they were in) enough to just disappear from my life because I was Living My Truth.  I have found that I still want to stand in my truth and just be me.

I have watched and listened and read (through the government fiasco) people eat at each other over opinions and conspiracies and hatred and even violence.  I have no judgment about it (albeit I had some shock over it). People have their passions, people have what they are drawn to and what they fight for–that is their truth.  I discovered–that wasn’t part of my truth. I also discovered it was okay for me to not like it and for me to stand back shaking my head.

I have been completely misunderstood, I have been falsely accused of behaviors that I would never even come close to doing, I have had people say things to me this year that have baffled me to the core.  I have been blamed for things that I had no control over whatsoever, some of which I didn’t have anything to do with but somehow it became my doing, my fault.   I have always been one to believe and adhere to the principle that what others think of me is none of my business.  And by the same token, that I really don’t care what other people choose or don’t choose to do in their own life.  It is their life.  They can and will do what they do however and whenever they want.  I am totally 100% okay with that (as long as no-thing is being harmed).

My family has been through military deployment, illnesses, natural disasters, lots of water and leaking ceilings…not sure what that means, government shut down, and just general chaos and mayhem that is not what any of us would call our norm.  We have each of us fallen apart, stood alone and yet together in disaster or heartache, we have each stood back up and carried on.  My truth in this is I can keep moving forward no matter the circumstances (I have known that for a long time, but it really got reinforced this year).

This has been one of the hardest years in my recent history, and my take away right now is this:  I want to be a beacon of light in the darkness, I want to place the positive energies bestowed upon me  (whoever gave them to me, the Universe, God, or my own higher self) wherever I can.  I want to live and work and function in this HERE and NOW.  I want to take care of what I am capable of taking care of and leave the rest alone.  I want to utilize what little physical energy I have at the moment to be kind, to be real, to be authentic, and to hopefully help people along the way. My take away, is something I already knew about me, it was just really really reinforced in some very major ways.  My lessons this year have been difficult and many.  It’s all good.  Tomorrow is another day. Living My Truth takes practice.

~Joli Campbell

If you don’t feel it, flee from it.  Go where you are celebrated, not merely tolerated.  ~Paul F. Davis

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