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Taking My First Photograph

With all the confidence of an 11-year-old I snapped the picture; it was of Sierra Blanca in Ruidoso, New Mexico at sunset. I still have the picture! It is the first scenic picture I ever took…fortunately it was not my last.

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Tips on Healthy Living

Healthy living is a unique and delicate balance between mind, body, and spirit.

Without a healthy body, the mind and the spirit become imbalanced. There is no particular order on what to start with, for all parts need equal attention.

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Garlic Allergy

Imagine walking into a restaurant and not being able to order a single thing on the menu. It happens to me all the time. I also can’t buy frozen dinners even organic ones, I can’t buy the seasoned version of any chip, popcorn, or cracker, no premade pizza dough, no premade sauces and marinades and condiments or pre-blended spice mixes.

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