Marti Foster

I met Marti a couple of years ago in a group on Facebook, she wanted a knitted ruana and I created a one of a kind custom design for her. We have been friends ever since. (The ruana is at the bottom of this page.)

Marti Foster is a Prenatal, Postnatal and Corporate Yoga Instructor. I built her website to feel warm and inviting, feminine yet strong.

I created her logo off the idea of a fertility goddess, and of course, Vriksasana (Tree Pose), which interestingly enough is my favorite pose to do.

What I worked on: building the logo and website, fonts, color schemes, the page descriptions and organization, the SEO, social media linking, and printed media. I built the entire site with my own Joli Campbell Design philosophy at work “Simple · Beautiful · Clean · Connected · Organized”.

“That is the most beautiful body of work and design, Joli. It brought tears to my eyes because it is the “heart” of everything I am. In addition, it is unique to this website and gives it the grace, presence and elegance I wish for. Thank You. ~Marti