True Blue Essentials

True Blue Essentials was a unique project for me, because I was able to build from scratch.

Chaz Boren is a friend and colleague who has helped me do security for all the websites I work on.  It was only natural when it came time for him to relaunch his company that I offered to help him out.  This was a quick build and Chaz and his wife are wonderful people and easy to work with, they now manage the site on their own.


What I worked on: building the logo and badge, selecting artwork & photos for the site, fonts, color schemes, the product descriptions and organization of variations, the SEO, the website content, and eCommerce store. I built all their product labels to industry standards and helped them get the printing done to meet product order deadlines.  I built the entire site making it easy to shop and view. Chaz wanted it to feel energetic and inviting.  I went for a bright spa like feel that was gender neutral so man or woman would feel comfortable looking for the products they needed.