If you do not know how to keep still in this crazy world, you will be drawn into all kinds of unnecessary trouble.  You will lose your view of the Way, and, when you realize it, it will be too late, for in losing the Way you have also lost yourself.
~The Book of Lieh Tzu

I love this quote, because it reminds me to slow down and not let the world run me over.  I am, after all, the master of my own domain.  I wonder often when things get chaotic and overwhelming if we all thought this way; would the craziness in this crazy world stop?   It is said, that if one person changes there thinking to be positive, loving, and living free from fear or worry that they can effectively change the lives of thousands of people.

It is the tax-free weekend just before school starts and I can just feel the chaotic, panicked, do-we-have-everything, and what-else-do-we-need energy buzzing through our city.  I wanted to run into the mall yesterday and go to one store for one thing, the parking lot was jammed full.  I left.  I decided that what I needed just was not worth all those people and children running around like mad.  My husband and I are childfree and happy to be, so we avoid those scenes whenever we need to; one of the many ways that we do not get into the chaos of the world.  Do you ever separate yourself from the world’s chaos?

Another quote along the same lines that I love is “Zen means doing ordinary things willingly and cheerfully.”  by R. H. Blyth

I was cleaning the nineteenth mile of grout in our home recently and I heard the words, “I hate cleaning the floor” fall from my mouth.  I stopped myself immediately and said, “No, I don’t hate it. I love the clean floor afterward.”  I realized that I was being very un-Zen like in not being in the moment and only the moment of cleaning the floor.  How often do you hate something?  How often do you let your mind wonder off the task-at-hand and on to other things?Staying Still

Then I find myself continually checking email, and websites, and messages, and on and on.  I have to, at times, just turn the computer off for the day and leave it off.  When I do that normal modern-day-obsessive-electronic-era-surfing I lose myself.  I lose my sense of calm.  I lose my sense of centeredness. Ultimately, I take me away from the Way.  How often do you drift?  Do you catch yourself?  How often do you find you have been electronically engaged all day long?  Do you ever just want to turn it all off and sit in a still quiet place?

When you are choosing to engage in all the chaos of the world, the Universe will do nothing but give you more chaos.  When you choose to have at least one moment of calm and centered peacefulness, the Universe will grant you calm, centered, peacefulness.  Sometimes my moment of calm centeredness comes from simply washing the dishes.  Where do your moments come from?  Do you take time to notice them?

~Joli A. Campbell

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