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See the World Through Joli's Eyes

Joli is a multi-talented individual with an unique way of seeing and understanding. As evident in her photography, her ability to grasp simple beauty, transfers to her work.
She has the insight to assist others in achieving their goals. She is highly successful in what she does. Her work is golden. I would highly recommend her services.
If her services are not needed, at least take a moment to see the world through Joli's eyes. Enjoy her photography. Allow your mind to rest in the moment.

~Ann Anzalone

True Blue Essentials

Joli Campbell Design True Blue Essentials

Joli has proven to be an amazing designer. I can't imagine doing our official business launch without her. The website and logo she did for us are beautiful. Thank you Joli!


True Blue Essentials, LLC

Moon Feather Healing

Joli Campbell Design Hand Drawn Logo

I just want to take the time to thank you and commend your ability to pull out of me my vision and apply it to a beautiful business card that says everything I love!  Your vision to see my dream is just amazing thank you ever so much for your gift, patience, and ability to hear what I was trying to envision in my mind; that my dear, is a very rare gift!  I love my cards and will enjoy giving them to my friends and new acquaintances!  Thank you ever so much!!

~LuJean Long
Moon Feather Healing




Over the Moon

Prior to working with Joli, I had a disaster of a website that was causing me to lose customers.  I was looking for someone to help me improve my site, my niece, a blogger recommended Joli.  Initially, Joli was going to make improvements to my existing site, but after reviewing the site, we decided that it would be best to build a completely new website.  The best decision that I ever made.  Joli understood exactly what I wanted and needed to grow my business.  My new website is visually appealing and easy to use; customers love it!  My traffic and sales increased almost immediately.  I love Joli's creativity and talent as well as her professionalism.  I must mention that I am extremely grateful for the long hours that she spent on her own time making sure that everything was perfect.  If you are looking for someone to build you a website that you can feel proud of, then Joli is your gal!

Finally, a site I can be proud of!

S.M. nurseborn.com

White Feather on Copper

Joli A. Campbell Art Gallery

Joli, I love having your art work hanging in the heart of my home. It brings a smile of contentment to my spirit each time I walk past it, which is many times a day. Also the texture invites me and others to reach out and touch it for closer contact to the uplifting vibrations. Many thanks for the time and creative energy going into your art. ~S.J.H. of New Mexico

Hand Drawn Logo

Joli Campbell Design

I am currently in the process of starting a new endeavor and was in need of a logo. I have loved Joli Campbell’s artwork for some time, so I decided to ask her to create something special for me. I had an idea of what I wanted and didn’t want anything just run of the mill, hoped it would stand out and have a special meaning. I was not disappointed; she met and exceeded my expectations! I could not be happier with the logo! Every time I hand my card to someone, they gasp and then comment on how beautiful it is. I am really happy with the artwork Joli has provided me and will come back to her for help in the future! THANKS Joli!

~C.K.C St. Louis, Missouri

Light Hearted Presentation

As a long-time student of astrology, I appreciate the unique approach provided by your course.  This practical model for understanding each person and improving communication within relationships is not offered in other astrology books or programs.  Looking at the charts of my family members brought meaningful insights to the family dynamics and each person’s contribution to a complex structure.  The experience was very enjoyable due to the light-hearted presentation style.  Thank you for contributing to my inner journey and relationship skills! – S. H.

Healing Voice

"Thank you for being a caring friend.  Your 'healing' voice pushed me beyond some resistance in my healing.  Please take care of yourself you are a special friend in my life." Love, ~P.S.

Still Reeling!

"I know it's your job and what you are supposed to do, but I cannot get over how amazing you are!  Thank you so much for doing my chart for me and with me.  I'm still reeling.  I can't wait until our next session...hopefully soon."  Love, ~P.Y.

Made My Day

New Mexico Windmill Nogal Peak

"Sincere thanks for a terrific photograph of Nogal Peak.  My wife thought it was outstanding and we immediately hung it.  You made my day.  I appreciate the thought and your kindness." ~S.C. of New Mexico



"I love it! I appreciate you helping me make this happen and am grateful for your beautiful talents and skills.  Please keep creating." With Gratitude, ~K.H. of Ohio


"Thank you very much for your work. It was delightful and very enlightening to talk with you. I feel very encouraged about how I can manage my life differently now." Love, ~L.F.


"You are younger than I am and the amount of knowledge you possess and all the things you know how to do astounds me. You just have this incredible ability to do anything and help anyone with any problem. You really are a Jane-of-all-trades." ~K.W.


"Thank you...Thank you for who are you...for helping me when I needed it most and always willing to be there to listen with a nonjudgmental ear and heart! Always willing to give sound advice and make me think in my decision making." ~Y.B.