Using the Art of Manifestation

(Manifestation Continued from The Art of Manifestation)

A few years ago, we decided it was time to look at buying a house.  I will admit straight away that the idea of looking for a house, buying a house, moving, and owning and taking care of my own property felt daunting, to say the least.  So when I agreed to look with my husband I made a deal with him, thus setting forth a powerful intention and a huge prayer of manifestation into the Universe.

  1. No settling.
  2. No rush.
  3. No drama.
  4. No pressure.
  5. No stress.
  6. No buying out of our price range.
  7. No real estate agents that do not ‘get’ what we want.
  8. We agreed to hit the ‘easy button’ and if, at any time, it became a struggle we were done.
  9. If it is meant to be it will just happen.

The plan was set in motion, we started slow and looked at a couple of open houses, and then called our bank for preapproval. Our bank has a program that helps you by a house and move.  They assigned us a real estate agent; I was a little hesitant about this part, because I have been through it with realtors who never listened to my wants.  She called me and all I have to say is the Manifestation prayer worked!  She not only listened, she did not pressure me in any way, and she had my taste in houses…nothing but love for that.  In fact, we had so much fun on our first outing that she said it was one of the best days of showings, for her, ever.  We have hit it off so well that we have become fast friends, that part was an unexpected bonus from the Universe. Thank you!

Over the coming months, we looked at about 20 houses, when we started to feel like what we wanted just wasn’t out there, my agent was even beginning to feel like the market wasn’t going to provide what we needed.  We spent a Sunday afternoon looking at nothing but run down houses that needed so much work there was no way we could even consider buying them.  There was one house left on the list, we all wanted to see it the most.  We walked through the door and were immediately impressed.  I kept thinking, “How much is this house?”  Everything was beautiful, everything was wonderful, and what needed to be repaired or replaced was minor.  We left the house and passed a car on the way out, my agent slowed down as we all watched to make sure that vehicle was not going to the house!  That is when I knew, that was our house…I already felt possessive over it.Manifestation Continued

That night we decided without hesitation to make an offer.  We agreed with the sellers within 48 hours on a price.  We would close by the end of the month.   Before we knew it everything we were waiting on inspections, appraisals, loan processing was DONE.  We closed 17 days after we saw the house.  The closing officer told us it was the best deal, the best house, and the best finance rate she had seen in a while.  Her key words, “this was the easiest deal, and you guys did great!”  My agent said our files were a third of what she normally carries around for a deal.

It was kismet!

It was perfection!

It was meant to be!

It was manifestation at its finest!

Go forth and manifest people.

~Joli A. Campbell