The Art of Manifestation

The first step in the art of manifestation is realizing and becoming aware that every thought, every phrase, and every word we put out there is being heard.

Heard like a miniature prayer, so if we think negative we get negative.  We have heard our entire lives ‘you are what you eat,’ but really, ‘you are what you think.’  Simply put, the art of manifestation is you get from the Universe what you think:  If you think nice, you get nice.  If you pray for money, you will get money.  If you think ugly, you get ugly.  If you think illness, you get ill.  If you participate in drama, you get drama.  Most every thought you have ever had has brought you what you have ever gotten or will ever have.  If you become aware of your thoughts, you instantly will change what the Universe brings to you.

“Life has a funny, funny way of helping you out,” even  Alanis Morrisette understood this while writing her song Ironic.  Life is listening, the universe is listening, and higher powers are listening.  The question is: are we listening to what we think, what we say, what we pray, and what we wish?  Do we understand the rules of manifesting?

I teach in my coaching practice a letter-writing method, I have my clients (and I do this myself), write a letter to the Universe, God, or the shadow on the wall whatever works for them.   This exercise has two very specific rules:  the first is ‘not’ is not allowed, and the second rule is to be very specific.  ‘Nots‘ are like a challenge to the Universe; for instance, if you were to say, “I can’t wait for…” then the Universe says, “Oh yes you can wait, and wait, and wait.”  If you wish for anything with a ‘not’ attached to it, you will get what you do not want.  It falls in line with the adage that, “worry is praying for what you do not want.”

The Art of Manifestation examples:

  • Non-specific option:  I don’t want to be poor anymore.  I want to make more money.
  • The Universe’s scenario:  After the bank calls and tells you are overdrawn, your boss calls you into her office to tell you that you have gotten a 1% raise.
  • Powerful and Specific Words of Manifestation: I want to see $150,000 in my bank account this year.
  • Non-specific option: I can’t wait to get my new car.
  • The Universe’s scenario:  “I am so sorry Mrs. Jones, but your credit score is too low for a new car loan,” the loan officer will say, “You will have to wait until your credit changes.”
  • Powerful and Specific Words of Manifestation: This year I want a brand new, silver, Mercedes coupe.
  • Non-specific option:  I don’t want to live here anymore.
  • The Universe’s scenario:  The property owner calls, “We are selling the property and unfortunately you will have to vacate by the end of next month.”
  • Powerful and Specific Words of Manifestation: I want one of those houses over on Sycamore Street, with a blue door and the hydrangeas in the front yard.  2000 square feet, turn-key, and ready for all my things.
  • Non-specific option:  I want to travel.
  • The Universe’s scenario:  Your boss tells you, you will be traveling more this year to Ohio for conferences every other week.
  • Powerful and Specific Words of Manifestation: I want to go to Ireland for two weeks this year, and next year I would like to go to Italy for a ten-day tour.
  • Non-specific option:  I don’t want a man with a beard and no job.
  • The Universe’s scenario:  Every man you meet is unemployed and has a beard.
  • Powerful and Specific Words of Manifestation:  I want a clean-shaven man who makes $95,000 per year.

You get the idea, right! Be specific, remove the ‘nots’, and ask for what you really want.  Once you have put your dreams out there act as if they have already happened.  Feel yourself in that new house, that new car, at your perfect weight, with your Mr. or Mrs. Right.

In The Art of Manifestation, remember that even your little posts on Facebook, Twitter, and passing thoughts when you see that street you want to live on will all influence what you ultimately get.  Stay positive, and when you find yourself thinking I will never get it, stop and say, “NO!” to that stinking-thinking.  If you find this to be difficult, get yourself a Talisman, a touchstone, a piece of jewelry, or a best-friend to remind you to be mindful.

The last action in manifestation is GRATITUDE.  Be thankful for everything you have received and everything you are asking for.  Remember to say, “thank you!” to everyone for everything.  If someone took care of those documents for you and sent them over right away, remember to thank them.  If someone holds the door for you, thank him or her.  If you get that raise you were manifesting tell the Universe, “THANK YOU!”  Big or small gratitude propagates abundance.

Think it, pray it, wish it, become it, trust it, be grateful, and the world is yours.

~Joli A. Campbell

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