It does not matter whether it is positive or negative— thought has power.

We have all heard it a thousand times, “Think Positive!”  My question: do you even realize when you are thinking negatively?

Given any situation if the first thought is positive followed by a negative thought you are still in negative thinking.  For instance, you see a beautiful car and you think, “That is a really beautiful car, but it’s black so I know I would always have to wash it.”  What happened there?  Too bad, they do not cancel each other out.  The last thought negated the beauty of the car.  I say let the car be beautiful…no matter what color it is.

Practicing the Power of Thought

It takes practice to catch your thoughts of negativity and turn them into positives.  Take a moment and reflect on your thoughts for a day, write down each negative thought in a little notebook if you can.  How often are you being negative?

Some examples to consider / and thePower of Thought positive counters:

  • That was a fantastic dinner, hope it doesn’t come back to haunt me. / That was a fantastic meal!
  • Why does nothing ever work out? / It will all work itself out!
  • When is it ever going to end? / Glad that is over, moving on!
  • What else could possibly go wrong? / It will all right itself eventually!
  • Why me? / Why not?
  • God is punishing me. / God is teaching me.
  • If it is not one thing, it is another. / It is what it is…
  • I am so sick and tired… / I am ready and willing, bring it on.  (To be said free of negative connotation)
  • I hate_____.  / I would rather have/do/be etc.______.
  • Spontaneously saying, “No!” without mulling it over… / Mull it over try saying yes to at least one new thing.

When one thing upsets you in your day, is the day completely ruined?  Do you continue to dwell on how bad that was?  I challenge you to catch yourself and take a deep breath, remind yourself that it is over, and the rest of the day does not have to be dictated by one negative incident.  Let it go.  If you find yourself rehashing it and your mood starting to sour, take your mind to something that makes you smile.  For me it is playing with my dogs, when they play joyfully they always make me smile.

This brings me to my next point if you cannot think of something to smile about, then just smile.  Ann Bancroft’s character had a line in Point of No Return where she says, “smile and say, ‘I never did mind about the little things.’”  Good advice!

There is also the shorter version, “Fake it ‘til you make it.”

A smile is an instant way to take your mind off your worries, troubles, and negative thinking.  Try it sometime just smile and keep smiling until you crack yourself up.  I like to do it in traffic, and I could care less if other drivers think I have gone mad all alone in my car cracking up.

There are so many ways to state your needs, your opinions, and your emotions…too often we go with negative first.  For some it is a way of life that they are completely unaware of, I had a client once who constantly replied to new ideas, advice, or suggestions with “I hate that!” or “No!”   I did a session with her specifically on this topic.  We made an assignment for her to catch herself before she replied and shift her thinking to being open rather than immediately being negative with “I hate that!” or “No!”

She found out that there were some things that ‘hate’ was way too strong a word for, and that saying ‘no’ out of habit rather than trying something new was holding her back from having some fun in life.

Negativity feeds negativity, if you keep putting it out there that is exactly what you will get back.  Not to mention the potential side effects of irritation, worry, anxiety, tension, and other physical and mental issues.  In turn, positivity feeds positivity.  I know not everything in life can be thought of in a positive way, but start with the little stuff that in the end really is not worth the energy.

In closing, try and really answer these questions:

  • What negative thoughts are you living in, with, or for?
  • What negative words do you use repeatedly?
  • Are you fully aware of your definitions and the real definitions of the above words?
  • Where are you the most negative and how can you shift that process?
  • What would happen if you found a positive way to look at it?

Suggested Movies to watch for learning The Power of Thought:

The Secret

What The Bleep Do We Know?

If you are stuck, email me for a session.

~Joli A. Campbell

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