The Right FatsThe Right Fats will bring you more health and wellness than you can imagine.

The newest boon in the natural health world is DHA and EPA or Omega 3 oils.  This boon comes on the heels of the US FDA allowing the claim on supplements containing DHA/EPA “Supportive but not conclusive research shows that consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.”  These kinds of label additives are imperative to the health food market because it puts the scientific research behind the health benefits of the supplements.

What you need to know about DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid):

  1. Infants who have had these oils in their diets since gestation at around 24 weeks on to age 2 will show marked mental development, visual development, and verbal skills long before children who did not have these oils in their diets.
    1. It is advised that mothers Pregnant and Lactating consume at least 200 to 300mg of DHA daily.
    2. The American Dietetic Association advises children ages 4-8 should consume around 350mg per day.
    3. The American Heart Association recommends 650mg EPA+DHA for adults to decrease their risk of coronary heart disease.
    4. To lower Triglycerides the American Heart Association recommends up to 2-4 grams of EPA+DHA.

To get these beneficial oils start eating fish at least 2-3 servings per week.  These oils are NOT found in plant-based oils and ALA does not convert quiet the way it should to produce DHA so it is better to take a fish oil-derived supplement than ALA.  Your fish should be wild-caught Alaskan salmon, or organically farmed fishes that have had low exposure to mercury.  Fish that has a lower mercury content are:  anchovies, catfish, clams, crab, crawfish, flounder, haddock, herring, mackerel, mullet, oysters, perch, Pollock, salmon, sardines, scallops, shrimp(be careful that your shrimp was raised in the USA there are many unsuitable fisheries overseas that pollute the very water the capture shrimp from), tilapia, and trout. If fish is not something you like to eat, afford to eat, or if you choose to be vegetarian, it is best to take a fish oil-derived supplement.

Fat Facts:

  1. The right fats makes the brain faster, smarter, and stronger.
  2. The right fats actually promote weight loss.
  3. Low fat diets will eventually cause you to gain weight.
  4. Essential fatty acids can help healthy joint function including alleviating arthritis pain.
  5. Essential fatty acids can help reduce cancer-causing cells.
  6. Essential fatty acids keep the liver and kidneys healthy.
  7. Oils promote healthy reproductive and hormone function, reducing symptoms of PMS and menopause.

Our favorite oils are not just fish oils, but coconut oil, flax oil, black current seed oil, and hemp seed oil. Many nuts and seeds contain healthy oils like hemp seeds, walnuts, and almonds.  Remember to store your oils and nuts in the refrigerator, many nuts and oils can go rancid very quickly, which means they lose their nutritional value.  Butter must replace margarine. In cooking, be careful not to take oils to their flashpoint as they immediately go rancid.

Get a good quality trustworthy product.

Our newest favorite is Bulletproof Coffee…super charge your day with healthy fats from grass fed butter and coconut oil.

~Joli A. Campbell



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