Do you ever wish you could time share calories?

So I have this problem as healthy as I live my life by eating 80% organic foods, as much as I work on my mind, my emotions, and keep it all copacetic,  I really have a drag-butt attitude about working out.  I do not hate it, I love yoga, but the cardio workout; I can find every excuse possible to not get it done.  I have had several cardio based machines for over ten years now and I have never lost a pound doing cardio, I have worked out regularly and religiously.  Moreover, every time I get on it I wonder, “Why am I struggling so hard with this?”

I come from a long line of hard workers.  I come from people who NEVER worked out but worked hard all their lives.  My ancestors were farmers, ranchers, and the like.  They did not need to work out.  When I was a kid, my father was on his feet for 90% of his workday.  My mother, all the latest most promising work out videos, a plethora of work out equipment, and lose-it-in-two-minutes-a-week-gadgets have made their way through her house.  Most gathered dust, and then were sold or given away…all the while my mother still struggles with the idea of exercise being part of her daily life.  Now to give her credit, we put a pedometer on her for a full workday and she clocked like 20,000 steps in one day, which brings us to, “Why should she work out when she moves all day?”time share calories

Before my thirties whatever I was doing for a living provided me with plenty of movement to keep me in shape: after my thirties…not so much.  Being a writer and talking to coaching clients on the phone does not really help me out here as they all are done with me sitting at a desk…darn it.  I would not give this up to wait tables again, though, so I am not complaining.

Back to the cardio, I am really trying at this and I keep doing it, however, it occurred to me a few workouts ago that it would be really fantastic if we could Time Share Calories.  I know there are people (I will call them lovers) out there that just “LOVE” to work out; they cannot stand the idea of missing their time exercising.  Then there are the people like me (I will call them non-lovers) who know for proper balance in life I have to work out, but motivation is completely lacking, not to mention, I have never “LOVED” to work out.

Wouldn’t it be great if the lovers could just miraculously burn the non-lovers calories?

It would be kind of time sharing as they could just take my body’s needs and do everything it needs done, done! They can love it and they would be doing a greater-good kind of service for us non-lovers.  I could still eat my occasional brownie and not feel like I have to run around the block 80 times just to get rid of the empty calories I just consumed.  (There is another scratch-my-head term ‘empty calories’, if they are so empty why can’t I eat them?)

If this was possible, image the impact: the bariatric surgeons would be looking for new work immediately. The weight loss industry would fall out of existence.  The lose-weight-in-an-hour gimmicks would disappear (ah the Shake Weight would be no more).   Alas, this is no utopian society where I can have some Eddy Merckx out riding his bike, burning my calories, and saving my body from heart disease and diabetes.  I will trudge on; I will try to think positively about it, as I know it is supposed to make my life healthier (not easier, shucks to that).

The point to my little rant, there are things in all of our lives we wish we did not HAVE to or NEED to do, but those things are there.  IT IS WHAT IT IS!  How can you view the things you grudgingly do–differently?

~Joli A. Campbell

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